Aqua Fitness

One of the most defining features of Aquaterra Fitness Ciocana is the swimming pool designed for active swimming. The length of the pool is 25 meters, its’ depth is 180 cm and it is divided in 5 lanes.

The pool has a unique multistage water purification system using sea salt and no chlorine, what allows maintaining permanent water cleanliness and avoiding any harm caused by chlorine.

The pool is equipped with a special area for aqua-fitness. Aqua-fitness classes can either develop or relax your muscles.  That’s why we offer a variety of aqua programs:

  • AQUA NOODLES – a training for movements coordination and muscles development; during the class are used special flexible sticks which support you on the water;

  • AQUA MIX – a program aimed on the basic muscles groups – back, legs, hands, buttocks, press; during the class is used different equipment;

  • AQUA POWER – a training for strengthening back, arms and press muscles; during the class are used special gloves sand dumbbells;

  • AQUA DANCE – a program based on different dancing moves.

Aqua programs also include swimming lessons for children and adults. Professional coaches offer individual trainings on learning and improving swimming technique.

Our managers will help you to choose the most suitable membership card for you or acquire a card for individual swimming trainings for your child.