Kids Fitness Rules

Present policies determine the norms of children’s and adults’ behavior and are binding during their visits of Children’s Club in the territory of the fitness club.

Parents bear personal responsibility for their children’s life and health on the territory of Aquaterra Fitness Ciocana, excepting the time spent in the playing room, group programs and personal trainings.

Children’s Club Card gives the right to use the training areas and to visit group trainings according to the schedule and present rules.

Parents fill out the form with the rules of behavior pointing the child’s nature when signing the contract with the Club.

Children under 14 years can visit the Club only accompanied by parents or authorized persons not younger than 18 years.

Administration of the club can determine the contract in the case if there are children under 14 years unaccompanied by parents in the territory of the club.

In the case of children’s up to 7 years presence in the club unaccompanied by parents, members of the club have the right to take the child to the playing room, where he will stay under the educators’ supervision till his parents come. Administration of the club can determine the contract in the case of repeated situation.

Children aged 14 and older can visit the club singly having a Club Card and written application of parents; moreover the child must respect present rules. Visiting the training areas and group trainings which are not included in Children’s Fitness are forbidden for children under 14 years.

We recommend to take your children to the trainings conform their age. Age restrictions are signed up in the description of children’s trainings.

It is necessary for parents to make a written statement if their child has any of disease. The information must be repeated oral to the instructors during every visit of children’s club. Parents are liable for the authenticity of information written by them in the profile.

Parents or other accompanying persons must take away the child from the club in the case of his inadequate behavior (aggression, hysterics, intentional damage of property). Administration of the club can cancel the contact in the case of these situations are systematic.

It is forbidden to visit the club at suspicion on existence of acute, chronic or skin diseases. Administration reserves the right to suspend the child’s visits till his total recovery.

We recommend dressing up your children in a comfortable sportswear. It is forbidden to use the ladies’ change room for boys older than 6 years and vice versa.

Parents are allowed to be present only at the open trainings having the preliminary invitation. It is forbidden for parents and other persons to interfere in the process of trainings or to require the changing of the format of individual or group programs.

Administration reserves the right to make changes in the schedule depending on the season or other circumstances.

In order to avoid the infection of other children we ask you to leave your child at home in the following cases:

  • If your child has any of the symptoms of a common cold: runny nose, cough or a sore throat.
  • If your child has any of symptoms of an intestinal disease: gastric disturbance, nausea, etc.
  • If your child has a high temperature.
  • If your child has a skin problem such as rash or wounds.