Swimming Pool and SPA Zone Rules

Dear AquaTerra Club Members!

We ask you to respect the following rules while being in the swimming pool and SPA zone so that your stay will be as comfortable as it is possible:

  • Please, switch off your phones or put them in a silent mode for your and other Guests’ maximal relax and comfort.
  • Don’t run and don’t jump into the swimming pool.
  • Please, take a shower before entering sauna or swimming pool.
  • Entering to the swimming pool territory and SPA zone only in special shoes (slides) for hygiene and to avoid the injuries. If you didn’t take the slides, you can buy them on the front desk.
  • We recommend to take a bathrobe for your comfort.
  • The entrance in Roman sauna is possible only wearing slides.
  • It is forbidden to use your own essential oils in sauna.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to pour water in sensors and saunas. All saunas work in an automatic mood, maintaining the needed temperature and air humidity.
  • We ask you to take off your slides and use the towel visiting the Finnish Sauna.
  • Visitors are forbidden to dry clothes and towels in saunas. The wet pieces can be replaced to dry ones with a rental fee.
  • It is forbidden to use your own cream and scrub in saunas.
  • It is forbidden to visit SPA zone in a drunken condition.
  • Please, enjoy your drinks at the Café and don’t bring them to the pool or sauna.
  • It is forbidden to bring food and drinks in thermos.
  • Please, consult with our SPA guide before visiting sauna for having a maximal benefit and for ensuring your safety.
  • Please, inform the SPA guide, in the case you have some problems with your health. Probably, you will have to avoid certain procedures.
  • Please, respect the rules written on the entrance in each of saunas.

 We inform you, that the further violation of the SPA etiquette will lead to the blocking of your club card.